50 reasons to run

A few months ago, we decided to create our own collection of inspiring quote photos that everyone can easily live by. Each and every one of them will remind you why you should get up and go running. Inspired by a blogpost on Sparkpeople by Nicole Nichols, we challenged ourselves to start a weekly post on […]

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The science of Instant Gym

The discovery of electricity, the Wright brothers’ first flight, mans first step on the moon, the cellphone and now the latest scientific achievement for mankind is Instant Gym. Instant Gym is a smartphone app that increases hand, wrist and arm strength in a matter of seconds. Testers on average had a 38.5 % increase in […]

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10+1 Habit changing tips

We all play a series of habits throughout the day. Apparently, there must be some bad habits that you play and you want to change it for improvement. Especially when you have a daily habit of smoking, impulse spending, eating continuously and more must be stopped immediately to avoid future damages. Changing any habit can […]

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